Prior to the adoption of Ord. 17836 on 09/15/2003, Section 22-157 read as follows.

    (a) Generally; powers and duties of director. The city shall provide refuse collection and disposal within the city subject to and in accordance with the provisions of this article and may provide contract services to other governmental units as further described in this article . It shall be the policy of t The city shall  to minimize the disposal of solid waste in the city's landfill and to maximize encourage  reclaiming and recycling of materials as an alternative to disposal in the city landfill . The director is hereby authorized to make arrangements for the sale, in accordance with city ordinance, of recyclable or reclaimed items collected and of mulch and compost produced by city operations . The director shall have charge and supervision of the collection and disposal of refuse pursuant to this chapter and shall have the power to establish rules and regulations governing keeping, collection, removing and disposition of refuse not inconsistent with the provisions of this article. The director is authorized to negotiate terms and submit bids for providing solid waste transportation, processing or disposal services to other governmental units. Agreements for these services must be authorized by the city council.   In addition, t T he director is hereby authorized and directed to establish rates equal to the actual costs to the city of collection and disposal of materials and objects which, by their nature or composition, require unusual or special treatment and handling.

    (1)    Nothing herein shall require the city to accept, collect or dispose of any material, the collection or disposal of which is prohibited or regulated by the state or federal government; nor to require the city to collect or dispose of any material or object which, in the sole discretion of the director, poses any undue threat of harm to the citizens or employees of the city or to any public property or improvement, except that a program to provide for the collection and safe disposal of household hazardous waste in accordance with applicable state and federal regulations shall be established by April 1, 1992. The director is hereby authorized to implement such a program by regulation.

    (2)    The director shall establish a cost list for special handling charges wherever possible and shall develop costs upon request for materials or objects of which the city has not previously collected or disposed.

    (b) Requirement of service; waiver. Every owner, occupant, tenant or lessee within the city limits shall receive refuse service and tender payment therefor in accordance with the fees herein provided for, unless a waiver of service is authorized by the director or his authorized agent, after special investigation of the conditions upon which the waiver is requested.

    (c) Billing, deposits and discontinuance of service. Billing, deposits, discontinuance of service and all aspects thereof shall be handled in accordance with the utility billing and service provisions of section 27-16 et seq.

(Code 1964, § 10.9060; Ord. No. 13056 § 1, 8-19-91)