Section 22-159.1 Residential recycling program.

    (a) As part of its basic service to residential customers, as set out in section 22-159, the city will also provide, by August 1, 1998, or as soon thereafter as is reasonably practicable, weekly pickup of recyclable material. The schedule for pickup shall be on file with the director. Any variances from the schedule shall be made in accordance with § 22-159(h).

    (b) Duties of customer. It shall be the duty of the customer to place recyclable items in bags identified for that purpose at the curb as provided for residential pickup (§ 22-159(d)). All recyclable items shall be separated and packaged according to rules promulgated by the director.

    (c) Bags will be provided at the rate of 18 every 4 months.  Commingled recycling bags will be provided to all customers receiving regular trash bags and having access to curbside recycling. Additional bags will be made available for sale to the customer at a cost and location to be determined by the director.

(Ord. No. 13056, § 1, 8-19-91; Ord. No. 15641, § 1, 6-15-98)

(15641, Amended, 06/15/1998, Prior Text)