Section 22-160 Apartments in excess of four units per structure.

    (a) Refuse collection containers. Bulk refuse storage containers shall be provided in lieu of refuse bags by the city for apartments in excess of eight (8) units. It shall be within the discretion of the director to determine whether or not to place bulk storage containers for use of apartments containing less than eight (8) units per structure. If bulk refuse containers are not placed at these structures, rates and provisions for bags for residential customers shall apply.

    ( b )     Collection methods and rates. The following collection methods and rates shall apply to apartment complexes with more than four (4) units per structure:

(1)    The occupant, tenant or lessee of each apartment unit shall be charged fourteen dollars and sixty-seven cents ($14.67) per month for pickup from bulk containers without bags furnished.

     (2)    The owner or manager of an apartment complex may make application to the director for billing of an entire apartment complex to a single customer. This service with pickup from a bulk storage container without refuse bags shall be fourteen dollars and forty-two cents ($14.42) per apartment unit per month, provided all apartment units in a complex are billed the same rate to a single customer.

    ( c )     Use of bulk storage containers. The owner or manager of any such apartment complex, regardless of the collection method applicable, shall maintain a bulk storage container as approved by the director. It shall be the duty of every occupant, tenant, lessee and owner to place the daily accumulation of refuse in the container required above and when placing garbage in such container, to eliminate, as far as possible, all water and liquid from such garbage, and to securely wrap garbage in paper before placing the same in such container.

    ( d ) Size of container. The director shall determine the size and type of bulk storage containers to be placed at the apartment complex based upon the number of residential units and shall determine the number of times the containers shall be emptied. If additional pickups are needed, the director is authorized to set rates by duly promulgated regulation for the additional pickups, which shall not exceed the actual cost of service.

    ( e ) Collection and pickup. Pickup shall be available once daily, except Sundays and legal Holidays, and shall be made as determined necessary by the director.

    ( f ) Upkeep and maintenance. The owner of the premises shall bear the sole responsibility for upkeep and maintenance of private drives, parking lots or other paved surfaces over which city vehicles must travel to reach bulk storage containers.

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     Note--See the editor's note following § 22-158.

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