Prior to the adoption of Ord. 21430 on 09/17/2012, Section 22-170 read as follows.

(a)     The Special Business Downtown Community Improvement District Solid Waste District (the "district") is established consisting of all property within the boundaries of the Columbia Special Business Downtown Community Improvement District.

(b)    The city shall provide solid waste services within the district.

(c)    Solid waste services within the district shall be based upon the common use of trash containers, trash compactors, recycling facilities and other solid waste management programs rather than individual customer service.  Individual customer service in addition to the common solid waste services may be provided within the district when the director determines such service is necessary, appropriate and in the best interest of the city.

(d)    Construction or remodeling waste shall not be placed in the dumpsters and compactors intended for regular daily refuse.

(Ord. No. 17498, § 1, 11-4-02)