Section 22-188 Fees and charges.

    (a) In order to defray the costs incident to the administration of this article, the following fees shall be required to be paid for the inspection and shall be nonrefundable:

    (1)    There shall be an application fee of  thirty-five dollars ($35.00) per building for each application for a certificate of compliance.

    (2)    There shall, in addition, be an inspection fee of fifteen dollars ($15.00) per dwelling unit or rooming unit, as the case may be, covered by each certificate of compliance.

    (3)    There shall, in addition, be a reinspection fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per unit.

    (4)    There shall, in addition, be a fee of twenty dollars ($20.00) to be assessed when owner or owner's representative fails to meet with inspector at scheduled appointment time.

    (b) In addition to inspection upon application or complaint, units may be inspected at the request of the owner for which an inspection service charge of fifteen dollars ($15.00) shall be charged. The inspector shall provide the owner with a written summary of the findings of his inspection, provided that such an inspection shall extend only to matters regulated under the provisions of these ordinances and shall not extend to the condition of items of personal property or to fixtures, the condition of which is not addressed by city codes.

    (c) In the event that a unit for which an unexpired certificate of compliance has been issued is inspected pursuant to a complaint, the person making the complaint shall pay a fifteen dollars ($15.00) inspection service charge if the unit is not found to be in violation of any ordinance.

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