Prior to the adoption of Ord. 19649 on 09/04/2007, Section 22-215.01 read as follows.

     (a)    Every food establishment, restaurant or facility which has the potential to discharge waste water containing animal or vegetable fats, oils, grease or solids shall have installed the appropriate grease trap or interceptor device to prevent the discharge or concentration of such substances into the sewers.  All such grease traps or interceptor devices shall be installed as set out in the Plumbing Code of Columbia, Missouri adopted in Section 6-52 of this code.

     (b)    Every food service establishment, restaurant or facility required to have a grease trap or interceptor device shall develop a cleaning schedule and shall have such devices serviced, maintained, inspected and cleaned, at the establishment’s expense, as frequently as required to prevent discharge of grease into the sanitary sewers.  The establishment shall maintain detailed records of such inspection and maintenance in a manner acceptable to the director of public works.  Records will remain on file for at least three years.

    (c)     Records required to be kept by this section shall be provided to health department inspectors and public works department pretreatment inspectors during their periodic inspections and during the normal business hours of the establishment.

     (d)    It shall be unlawful to fail to install, maintain, service or inspect the grease traps or interceptor devices required by this section, or to fail to keep the records required by this section, or to fail to allow the inspection of those records by City officials.

(Ord. No. 18492; § 1, 5-2-05)