Prior to the adoption of Ord. 21269 on 03/19/2012, Section 22-215.05 read as follows.

    (a) Categorical pretreatment standards: Any industrial user having process waste streams which are subject to any federal categorical pretreatment standards either currently in effect or promulgated or modified after the effective date of this ordinance shall comply with the requirements of such standards. All categorical pretreatment standards established pursuant to 40 CFR Chapter One, Subchapter N, are hereby incorporated by reference and are fully enforceable under this Ordinance the same as if fully set out herein. Limitations established in such standards shall apply to the treated effluents from the processes regulated by the standard, unless otherwise specified by the standard. When the limits in a categorical pretreatment standard are production based, the Director may convert the limits to equivalent mass or concentration for purposes of calculating effluent limitations applicable to individual users. Where regulated process effluents can not be sampled prior to mixing with other wastestreams, alternative limits for the mixed effluent may be established by the Director using the combined wastestream formula subject to the provisions of 40 CFR 403.6(e). All users subject to categorical pretreatment standards are also obligated under federal law to comply with the City of Columbia's discharge limitations specified in Sections 22-215 and 22-215.05 of this ordinance. When a pollutant in a user's discharge is subject to both a limit from a categorical pretreatment standard and a City of Columbia limit at the same sampling point, the most strict limit shall apply.

    (b) Local limits: No user shall discharge or cause to be discharged wastewater to the POTW containing concentrations in excess of the limits listed for the substances below:

MAXIMUM (mg/l)  
Total Arsenic (As)  
0.31 0.383  
Total Cadmium (Cd)  
0.19 0.025  
Total Chromium (Cr)  
3.73 7.280  
Total Copper (Cu)  
2.87 3.497  
Total Lead (Pb)  
0.82 0.633  
Total Mercury (Hg)  
0.05 0.018  
Total Nickel (Ni)  
2.34 2.293  
Total Silver (Ag)  
0.14   0.984  
Total Zinc (Zn)  
7.33 21.485  
Total Cyanide (CN)  
0.85 0.199  
Total Molybdenum (Mo)  
Total Selenium (Se)  

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