Section 22-218 Inspection and enforcement.

     (a)     The director is duly authorized to :

    (1)    Inspect and approve the installation of building sewers and their connections to the public sewer system;

    (2)    Inspect the maintenance and lawful compliance of all sewers, pipes and plumbing that connect or discharge into the public sewer system;

    (3)    Inspect such wastewater as may be discharged therefrom; and

    (4)    Repair or abate or otherwise enforce this chapter.

(Ord. No. 20895, § 1, 3-7-11)

    (b)    If an enforcement officer, in connection with the enforcement of this article, is denied entry to the building, sewer, pipe, facility or property, the officer or a city prosecutor may apply to the municipal court for a warrant under the provisions of chapter 15 of this code.

(Code 1964, § 14.794; Ord. No. 10059, § 2, 2-6-84; Ord. No. 14914, § 1, 8-5-96)

(Ord. 20895, Amended, 03/07/2011, Prior Text)