Section 22-219.6 Representative sampling and flow measurements.

    (a)     Samples and measurements taken as required herein shall be representative of the volume and nature of the monitored discharge. All samples shall be taken at the monitoring point(s) specified in the applicable permit and, unless otherwise specified, before the effluent joins or is diluted by any other waste stream, body of water or substance. All equipment used for sampling and analysis must be routinely calibrated, inspected and maintained to ensure their accuracy. Monitoring points shall not be changed without notification to and the approval of the City of Columbia.

    (b)  If flow measurement is required by this permit, the appropriate flow measurement devices and methods consistent with approved scientific practices shall be selected and used to ensure the accuracy and reliability of measurements of the volume of monitored discharges.  The devices shall be installed, calibrated, and maintained to ensure that the accuracy of the measurements are consistent with the accepted capability of that type of device.  Devices selected shall be capable of measuring flows with a maximum deviation of less than 10 percent from true discharge rates throughout the range of expected discharge volumes.

(Ord. No. 16734, § 1, 1-2-01; Ord. No. 19649, § 1, 9-4-07)

(Ord. 19649, Amended, 09/04/2007, Prior Text; Ord. 16734, Amended, 01/02/2001, Prior Text)