Section 22-219 Testing, reporting and recordkeeping.

    (a) Any person discharging other than domestic wastewater to the city sewers shall submit to the director at such intervals as he may prescribe a report accurately describing the character and quantity of all such wastes discharged in the city sewers during the period covered by the report. In order to ensure compliance with these provisions, the director may at any time take such measurements, collect such samples, and run such laboratory analyses at the contributor's expense on representative samples of any waste as may be deemed necessary. All tests performed by the city or by the owner for submittal to the city shall be in accordance with standard laboratory methods as set forth in section 22-219.2.

    (b) All records, books, documents, memoranda, reports, correspondence and any and all summaries thereof relating to monitoring, sampling and chemical analysis shall be kept for not less than three (3) years.

     (c)    Records of sampling and analyses shall include, but are not limited to, the following:

(1)    The date, exact place, time, and methods of sampling or measurements, and sample preservation techniques or procedures;

(2)    Who performed the sampling or measurements;

(3)    The date(s) analyses were performed;

(4)    Who performed the analyses;

(5)    The analytical techniques or methods used; and

        (6)        The results of such analyses.

(Code 1964, § 14.802; Ord. No. 10059, § 2, 2-6-84; Ord. No. 14914, § 1, 8-5-96; Ord. No. 16734, § 1, 1-2-01)

(Ord. 16734, Amended, 01/02/2001, Prior Text)