Prior to the adoption of Ord. 16734 on 01/02/2001, Section 22-220 read as follows.

    (a)    All wastewater discharge permit applications and user reports must be signed by an authorized representative of the user and contain the following certification statement: "I certify under penalty of law that this document and all attachments were prepared under my direction or supervision in accordance with a system designed to assure that qualified personnel properly gather and evaluate the information submitted. Based on my inquiry of the person or persons who manage the system, or those persons directly responsible for gathering the information, the information submitted is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, true, accurate, and complete. I am aware that there are significant penalties for submitting false information, including the possibility of fine and imprisonment for knowing violations."

    (b)    The certification statement shall be signed as required in (1), (2), or (3) below:

    (1)    By a responsible corporate officer, if the Industrial User submitting the reports is a corporation.  For the purpose of this paragraph, a responsible corporate officer means:

        (a)    A president, secretary, treasurer, or vice-president of the corporation in charge of a principal business function, or any other person who performs similar policy-making or decision-making functions for the corporation; or

        (b)    The manager of one or more manufacturing, production, or operation facilities employing more than 250 persons or having gross annual sales or expenditures exceeding $25 million (in second-quarter 1980 dollars), if authority to sign documents has been assigned or delegated to the manager in accordance with corporate procedures.

    (2)    By a duly authorized representative of the individual designated in paragraph (1) of this section if:

        (a)    The authorization is made in writing by the individual described in paragraph (1);

        (b)    The authorization specifies either an individual or a position having responsibility for the overall operation of the facility from which the Industrial Discharge originates, such as the position of plant manager, operator of a well, or a well field superintendent, or a position of equivalent responsibility, or having overall responsibility for environmental matters for the company; and

        (c)    The written authorization is submitted to the City.

    (3)    If an authorization under paragraph (2) of this section is no longer accurate because a different individual or position has responsibility for the overall operation of the facility, or overall responsibility for the environmental matters for the company, a new authorization satisfying the requirements of paragraph (2) of this section must be submitted to the City prior to or together with any reports to be signed by an authorized representative.

(Ord. No. 14914, § 1, 8-5-96)