Section 22-222.2 Bypass of treatment facilities.

    (a)    Bypass is prohibited unless it is unavoidable to prevent loss of life, personal injury or severe property damage or no feasible alternatives exist.

(b)    The permittee may allow bypass to occur which does not cause effluent limitations to be exceeded, but only if it is also for essential maintenance to assure efficient operation.

(c)    Notification of bypass:

(1)    Anticipated bypass.  If the permittee knows in advance of the need for a bypass, it shall submit prior written notice, at least ten days before the date of the bypass, to:    
                Director of Public Works
                P. O. Box 6015
                Columbia, MO  65205-6015

(2)    Unanticipated bypass.  The permittee shall immediately notify the City of Columbia, as listed in Section 22-222.1(a), and submit a written notice to the Director of Public Works within 5 days.  This report shall specify:

(a)    A description of the bypass, and its cause, including its duration;

(b)    Whether the bypass has been corrected; and

(c)    The steps being taken or to be taken to reduce, eliminate and prevent a reoccurrence of the bypass.

(Ord. No. 16734, § 1, 1-2-01)

(Ord. 16734, Amended, 01/02/2001, Prior Text)