Prior to the adoption of Ord. 19842 on 03/17/2008, Section 22-253 read as follows.

    (a) A private common collector sewer is a sewer line which is not owned and maintained by a public entity and which serves two (2) or more lots, tracts or parcels of land or two (2) or more structures under separate ownership.

    (b) The city may acquire, by gift, purchase or condemnation, any private common collector sewer.

    (c) Prior to acquiring, except by gift, a private common collector sewer, the city shall establish a sewer district which encompasses the private common collector sewer to be acquired.

    (d)     After acquiring a private common collector sewer, the city may repair or reconstruct the sewer line to bring the line into compliance with city sewer standards and specifications. The cost of such repair and reconstruction and all costs of acquiring the private common collector sewer may be specially assessed against the lots, tracts or parcels of ground in the district in proportion to the area of the whole district exclusive of public highways. Surveying, engineering, design, construction inspection and contract administration costs shall not be specially assessed.

    (e)     Property in the district which has been previously connected to the city's sewer system and for which sewer service charges have been assessed shall not be specially assessed for more than fifty (50) per cent of the repair, reconstruction and acquisition costs.   Special assessments shall not be levied for sewer district projects that involve the elimination of private common collector sewers.

    (f)     No property shall be specially assessed unless the city council first holds an advertised public hearing and determines that the property to be assessed has been specially benefitted in an amount at least equal to the amount of the special assessment.

(Ord. No. 12208, § 1, 4-3-89)