Section 22-261 Generally.

    (a) It is the purpose of this division to provide for the recovery of costs from contributors to the city's sanitary sewer system for the implementation of the program established herein. The applicable charges or fees shall be set forth in the city's schedule of charges and fees, to be prepared by the director and approved by the city council. The city council shall adopt charges and fees which may include:

    (1)    Fees for monitoring, inspections and surveillance procedures;

    (2)    Fees for permit applications;

    (3)    Appeal fees;

    (4)    Other fees or surcharges as the director may deem necessary to carry out the requirements contained herein.

    (b) Surcharges shall be shown on the utility bill as a separate item which shall show the amount of the surcharge and shall be payable to the finance department at the same time as the utility bill and normal sewer service charge.

(Code 1964, § 14.816; Ord. No. 10059, § 2, 2-6-84; Ord. No. 20922, § 1, 3-21-11)

(Ord. 20922, Amended, 03/21/2011, Prior Text)