Section 22-271 Sewer extension permit requirements.

    (a)    A construction permit is required for all sanitary sewer extensions.  All applications for sewer extension permits shall be submitted on forms issued by the director and shall contain all information required by the director.

    (b)    Applications for sanitary sewer extension permits shall be accompanied by detailed construction drawings.  Construction drawings for sewer extensions shall be prepared by a qualified, registered professional engineer licensed in the state of Missouri and shall be prepared in accordance with City of Columbia Sanitary Sewer Specifications and Standards, Sanitary Sewer Pump Station Design Requirements and Standard Specifications, Street and Storm Sewer Specifications and Standards, Storm Drainage Design Manual and all other applicable state and federal regulations including those of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.  All construction drawings for sewer extensions shall be reviewed and approved by public works staff prior to construction.  Easements shall be provided for all sewer extensions.

    (c)    An application for a sanitary sewer extension permit shall be accompanied by a nonrefundable fee of three hundred dollars ($300.00).

(Ord. No. 20653, § 1, 6-21-10)

(Ord. 20653, Added, 06/21/2010)