Prior to the adoption of Ord. 20880 on 02/21/2011, Section 22-75 read as follows.

After the public hearing, or without such hearing when not herein required, if the council determines to proceed with such improvement or any part thereof, the city manager shall cause the city official charged with the responsibility for such improvement to prepare and submit plans and specifications to the council for approval. Such plans and specifications shall not limit the materials to be used to those of any particular producer or manufacturer, but shall be so arranged as to permit materials and processes to enter into competition.

    (a)    The city council may, by ordinance, authorize the city manager to enter into agreements that require city contributions toward the cost of city public improvements to be constructed by developers or other persons.  These public improvements shall not be subject to the public improvement process set forth in this chapter.

    (b)    Any agreement with a developer or other person that requires the city to construct a public improvement shall be conditioned upon city council approval of the project in accordance with the public improvement process set forth in this chapter.

(Code 1964, § 14.440)

    Charter reference(s)--Similar provisions, § 76.