Prior to the adoption of Ord. 20880 on 02/21/2011, Section 22-79 read as follows.

    (a) Before any work under this chapter shall be commenced, if done by contract, the contractor shall enter into a written contract, to be approved by the city counselor, upon facts and specifications furnished by the city official charged with the responsibility for such improvement under the charter, executed in triplicate by such contractor and by the city manager on behalf of the city, one of which shall be for the use of the city and another for the contractor. The contract shall set forth the terms thereof, provide for the completion of such work according to the plans and specifications within the time agreed upon, and without negligence causing or tending to cause damage to private property, prescribe the manner in which payment for the same shall be made, and provide that the contractor agrees to accept payment for such work in whole or in part by the city or in whole or in part by special tax bills or other evidence of special assessments issued to the contractor; further, it shall provide that in no event is the city liable for any sum whatever for work done under such contract except as hereinbefore provided, and the plans and specifications shall be attached to such contract and made a part thereof. Such contract, before it becomes binding and effective, shall be confirmed by ordinance.

    (b) The contractor shall also give an approved bond to the city in an amount not less than the contract price, or a bond with two (2) or more good and sufficient securities to be approved by the city manager, conditioned that the contractor will faithfully and completely comply with all the terms and conditions of such contract, and that he will pay for all labor and material employed that are used in the work, provided for in such contract, and hold the city harmless on account of any damage which may accrue to any person by reason of the negligence of such contractor in constructing such work, and against liens growing out of such labor performed or materials furnished. The city council shall have the power to require any contractor grading or paving any alley, or grading, paving or guttering the roadway part of any street, when the improvement is to be paid for with special tax bills, to guarantee that an improvement will last for a specified term of years, and during such term will be kept in repair, and to require the contractor to give to the city approved bonds for the faithful performance of any obligation.

(Code 1964, § 14.480)

    State law reference(s)--Contractor's bond, RSMo. § 88.520(4).