Prior to the adoption of Ord. 20880 on 02/21/2011, Section 22-82 read as follows.

    Any sidewalk or portions thereof lying within any business district, adjacent to any school, park, or in any area subject to a high level of pedestrian travel, may be certified by the director of public works as a "uniform sidewalk," when such sidewalk, due to its use, location and characteristics is such as to necessitate a uniform surface, grade and appearance to promote safety and enhance the appearance of the neighborhood. In the event of such certification, emergency work or repair, ordinary maintenance, construction or reconstruction may be undertaken without the notice required by section 22-81 or the tenor thirty-day waiting periods hereinafter provided for. All such uniform sidewalks shall be repaired, maintained, constructed or reconstructed, either by contract or by city forces, in accordance with the provisions relating to public improvements, and the costs thereof shall be levied as a special assessment against the abutting property in an amount no greater than the benefit accorded such property by the improvement.

(Code 1964, § 14.415)