Section 23-10 Exemptions from application, registration and permit requirements.

    The following classes of signs shall be exempt from application and registration and permit fee, provided that such exemption shall not be construed so as to relieve the owner of the sign from meeting all other standards for its erection, maintenance, size, location and removal:

    (1)    Home for sale, rent, lease.

    (2)    Apartment for sale, rent, lease.

    (3)    Construction signs.

    (4)    Memorial signs or tablets, names of buildings and dates of erection, when cut into masonry surface or when constructed of bronze or other incombustible material.

    (5)    Government building signs erected on a municipal, state or federal building which announce the name, nature of the occupancy and information as to use of or admission to the premises.

    (6)    Official signs furnished by the superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol designating an official vehicle inspection station in accordance with Section 307.365, RSMo. One such sign shall be allowed for each street frontage at all such official vehicle inspection stations, in addition to the signs allowed by the following provisions.

    (7)    Noncommercial signs.

    (8)    Commercial flags allowed under section 23-2.

    (9)    Signs prohibiting peddlers, solicitors, hawkers, itinerant merchants or transient vendors of merchandise, when placed upon private residential property.

    (10)    "No Parking" signs in conformance with the provisions of section 23-21 or 14-561; provided the sign does not exceed eighteen (18) inches by twenty-four (24) inches in dimension.
    (11)    Garage sale signs.

(Code 1964, § 19.750; Ord. No. 13191, § 1, 12-16-91)