Section 23-14 Shopping center signs.

    The following signs shall be permitted at shopping centers:

    (1)    Each separate business within the shopping center shall be allowed:

        a.    On-premises wall, canopy and awning signs on each wall facing a street not to exceed the maximum surface area allowed under section 23-25.1, and on each wall that does not face a street but which does face the main shopping center parking area, not to exceed sixty-four (64) square feet maximum surface area; or

        b.    On-premises roof signs, for each wall facing a street or main shopping center parking area; total maximum sign surface area of all such signs appearing above any one wall to be determined at the rate of four (4) square feet of sign surface area per linear foot of wall length the business occupies.

    (2)    A business with a rear or side entrance shall be allowed one on-premises wall or awning sign not to exceed ten (10) square feet in sign surface area for each such entrance. Roof signs shall not extend beyond the highest point of the roofs upon which they are located.

    (3)    Freestanding signs in shopping centers shall be regulated by section 23-25.

(Code 1964, § 19.820; Ord. No. 11793, § 1, 3-7-88; Ord. No. 13191, § 1, 12-16-91; Ord. No. 13898, § 1, 12-20-93)