Section 23-2 Unlawful signs.

    (a) No sign shall be erected in such a manner that it will or reasonably may be expected to interfere with, obstruct, confuse, distract or mislead traffic, or be considered obscene or a nuisance to the general public.

    (b) No person, except a public officer or an employee in the performance of a public duty, shall fasten any sign or notice of any kind on any curbstone, lamppost, street or sidewalk surface, pole, bridge or tree upon a public street, except for any banner attached to a city street light standard for which an attachment permit has been issued as provided in section 23-8.5. This prohibition is not to be construed as prohibiting signs or notices indicating danger or aids to service or safety, or subdivision identification signs, as hereinafter defined, to be erected with written permission from the director of community development . Such signs or notices include but are not limited to, advertisements and announcements of buildings or land for sale or rent, garage sales, private picnics and election campaign posters.

    (c) No signs painted on buildings, walls or fences shall be allowed.

    (d) No wind signs shall be allowed.

    (e) No freestanding, on-premise commercial sign, including the supporting structures, shall be allowed to remain on any property more than six (6) months after the business or uses advertised on the sign have been discontinued.

    (f) No sign shall be erected or maintained in a location or in such a manner that any portion of the sign will be within ten (10) feet, measured either horizontally, vertically or at any intermediate angle, of any electric power line wire carrying a voltage in excess of two hundred forty (240) volts, nor shall any sign be within ten (10) feet of a vertical line extended upward from such an electric power line wire.

    (g) No portable signs shall be allowed.

    (h) No animated signs shall be allowed.

    (i) No billboards shall be allowed, except as provided in section 23-16.

     (j) No commercial signs shall be allowed except as provided for in this chapter.

    (k) No commercial flags shall be allowed except that a business may display one flag no larger than forty (40) square feet which bears the symbol or trademark or name of the business. No further advertising shall be permitted on such flags.

    (l) No digital signs shall be allowed.

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