Section 23-9 Sign plan approval.

    (a) Application. The owner or lessee of the premises upon which a sign is to be erected may file an application with the board of adjustment for approval of a sign plan upon forms provided by the city, except if the proposed sign locations(s) is within a planned zoning district. Revisions to such sign plans in planned districts shall be made, subject to the procedures outlined in section 23-25(j). The application shall be accompanied by a sketch showing the type, size and location of the signs proposed to be erected upon the property or premises. Sign plans for planned zoning districts approved prior to December 16, 1991, shall remain in effect.

    (b) Approval of variance. The board of adjustment may approve such a plan allowing a variance in the number or particular type of sign otherwise permitted by this ordinance provided that:

    (1)    No unlawful signs shall be permitted.

    (2)    All nonconforming signs on the property or premises shall be brought into compliance with the requirements of this chapter.
    (3)    Each sign meets the size, setback and other limitations and requirements for that type or class of sign.

    (4)    The board of adjustment finds that the plan:

        a.    Reduces the number of signs which would otherwise be permitted on the premises or property;

        b.    Reduces the total square footage of signs which would otherwise be permitted on said property; and

        c.    Would not violate the spirit or intent of this chapter.

    (5)    No permit shall be issued for erection of a sign on premises or property on which such a plan has been approved, where the sign does not conform with the requirements of the plan, without the removal at the applicant's expense of all signs permitted by the plan and not otherwise permitted.

(Code 1964, § 19.745; Ord. No. 13191, § 1, 12-16-91; Ord. No. 13621 § 1, 3-15-93)