Section 24-130 Sec. 24-130. Definitions.

     “Downtown safety cameras” means any digital recording surveillance system installed in an open and obvious manner by the city of Columbia to film public streets, sidewalks or alleys within the boundaries of the central business district.  It does not include surveillance cameras installed in municipal parking garages and it does not include surveillance cameras installed at street intersections for the purpose of monitoring vehicular traffic and it does not include surveillance cameras designed to record any regular operations of city departments.

     “Exigent circumstances” means unanticipated situations that threaten the immediate safety of individuals or property within the central business district.

     “Public notice” shall at a minimum include posting notice on a bulletin board or other prominent place which is easily accessible to the public at the office building housing the city council chambers, together with notice published on the internet website for the city of Columbia.

(Ord. No. 20499, § 1, 12-7-09)

Editors Note: Ord. No. 20499, passed by city council on December 7, 2009, called for election; said ordinance was passed by the voters on April 6, 2010.

(Ord. Passed by Voters; 4-6-10; Proposition 1, Added, 04/06/2010)