Section 24-44 Issuance.

    (a)    The director of public works shall issue a permit hereunder when he has determined:

    (1)    That a sufficient application has been made, accompanied by payment of the filing fee.

    (2)    That the work will be done according to the standard plans and specifications on file in the office of the director of public works.

    (3)    That the operation will not unreasonably interfere with the vehicular and pedestrian traffic, the demand and necessity for parking space, and the means of egress to and from the property involved and adjacent properties.

    (4)    That the health, welfare and safety of the public will not be unreasonably impaired.

    (5)    That evidence has been presented showing that all business owners along the sidewalk frontage of the impacted block have been given at least three (3) days notice of the use, the dates and times of such use, and their right to protest by written notice given to the director of public works.

    (6)    That the applicant agrees to follow all rules and regulations for sidewalk closures issued by the director of public works.

    (b)    Permits will be allowed to be renewed once; provided that the time granted in the original permit plus the time granted in the renewal permit shall not exceed thirty (30) days. Additional renewals will require the applicant to follow the process set forth in article IV.

(Code 1964, § 14.260; Ord. No. 11624, § 1, 9-21-87; Ord. No. 13648, § 1, 4-19-93; Ord. No. 20654, § 1, 6-21-10)

(Ord. 20654, Amended, 06/21/2010, Prior Text)