Section 24-88 Application for permit to landscape on public street right-of-way.

    (a) No permit to install landscape material on public street right-of-way shall be issued unless an application for such permit has been filed with the director which sets forth the following information:

    (1)    The location of the proposed landscape site and the street address of the property.

    (2)    The name and address of the legal owner of the property.

    (3)    A sketch of the proposed landscape site showing:

        a.    The location of the street, street curb, sidewalk, driveway approach, street light, utility poles, underground utilities, utility or cable television yard boxes, mailboxes, intersecting side streets, and any other pertinent information.

        b.    The location and dimensions of the proposed landscape material with a legend showing the specific plant materials being used.

    (4)    A brief narrative outlining the proposed landscape plan and a proposed maintenance plan.

    (5)    Applications shall be circulated to appropriate utilities for review.

(Ord. No. 13969, § 1, 2-21-94)