Section 24-92 Standards and guidelines.

    (a) No landscape material shall be planted on public street right-of-way unless it is listed on the "schedule of approved landscape material for street right-of-way planting" dated September 30, 1993, on file in the office of the director of public works, or unless it has been approved for planting by the director of public works. The director of public works shall approve landscape material for planting on public street right-of-way only if it is either native to or adaptable to this region.

    (b) No tree shall be placed within four (4) feet, measured horizontally, of any underground utility.

    (c) Root barriers in accordance with city standards must be approved for any tree planting between the sidewalk and curb where the overall distance between the sidewalk and curb is four (4) feet or less, except for those indicated on the schedule of approved landscape materials as not requiring root barriers. In spaces greater than four (4) feet, the requirement of root barriers shall be determined based upon actual clearance and species of trees planted.

    (d) Landscape materials over thirty (30) inches in height measured from the top of curb shall be located so as not to cause sight distance obstructions from intersecting streets or private driveways. Hedges shall not be planted or maintained between the sidewalk and curb. General sight distance guidelines are on file in the public works department but shall be subject to local topographic conditions and traffic volumes.

    (e) No tree shall be planted under a utility line unless it is of a species which at maturity will provide a minimum of five (5) feet clearance between the apex of the tree and the lowest utility line.

(Ord. No. 13969, § 1, 2-21-94)