Section 25-27 Final plat review.

    (a) Following the approval of the preliminary plat of a major subdivision or completion of the concept review for a minor subdivision, the subdivider may file an application for final plat approval with the director, in order to complete the subdivision process. The application shall:

    (1)    Be accompanied by a check made payable to the City of Columbia, sufficient to cover all plat recording fees established by the Boone County Recorder of Deeds;

    (2)    Include the entire subdivision, or a section thereof, which derives access from an existing road;

    (3)    Be accompanied by a minimum of nine (9) copies of the final plat and three (3) copies of the construction plans as described herein;

    (4)    Be in substantial compliance with the preliminary plat, as approved;

    (5)    The final plat shall be accompanied by final construction plans for the requisite public improvements, drawn under the supervision of a registered professional engineer and attested to by his signature and seal, all in accordance with the applicable standards;

    (6)    Be accompanied by an improvements guarantee offered for acceptance by the city council, in a form satisfactory to the city counselor.

    (b) The director shall refer the proposed plat to the appropriate city departments, together with an indication of its tentative agenda placement before the council, and shall receive reports from each department as to its conformance with these regulations and the approved preliminary plat.

    (c) As a result of review by the other departments, the director shall request the subdivider to make such changes necessary to cause the plat to be in conformance with the regulations contained herein and the preliminary plat.

    (d) For a major subdivision, the director shall forward the plat to the city manager for council consideration and advise the council as to its conformance or nonconformance with the regulations contained herein. The city manager shall certify to the council that the final plat is in accordance with the approved preliminary plat and that all conditions precedent established by the council have been met. Following certification by the city manager to the council, the council shall take action on the final plat.

    (e) For a minor subdivision, the director shall forward the plat to the commission and advise the commission as to its conformance or nonconformance with the regulations contained herein. The commission shall take action on the plat in the manner prescribed for preliminary plats.
    (f) The council shall take action by ordinance on the final plat within forty-five (45) calendar days after its submission to the council, and failure of the council to act within that time period shall be deemed approval, except that the council, with the consent of the subdivider, may extend this period to a stated future date.

    (g) Revision. No changes, erasures, modifications or revisions shall be made on any final plat of a subdivision after approval has been given by the council, and endorsed in writing on the plat, unless the plat is first resubmitted and reapproved by the council.

(Code 1964, § 19.526; Ord. No. 10099, § 1, 3-5-84; Ord. No. 14276, § 1, 11-7-94)