Section 25-29 Signing and recording.

    (a) Upon approval of a final plat by the council, the mayor shall affix his signaturethereto, and this shall be attested to by the city clerk, and the seal of the city affixed thereto.

    (b) Upon signing of the plat, it shall be the responsibility of the city clerk to file the plat with theoffice of the county recorder of deeds. Simultaneously, the city clerk shall cause to be recorded all other documents required to be recorded therewith, pursuant to council approval and as determined by the city counselor.

    (c) Upon final approval, copies of the final plat as certified, recorded and signed shall be filed by the director with such city officials, utility companies and other agencies as he may deem appropriate.

(Code 1964, § 19.528; Ord. No. 10414, § 1, 1-7-85)