Section 25-32 Administrative plat specifications.

    (a) The administrative plat shall be prepared under the supervision of a registered land surveyor and attested to by his signature and seal on the plat, in compliance with the current Missouri Minimum Standards for Property Boundary Surveys, and to the following standards:

    (1)    Drawn in ink on eighteen-inch by twenty-four-inch or twenty-four-inch by thirty-six-inch sheets of single or double matted polyester film or an approved equivalent, at a scale of at least one (1) inch equals one hundred (100) feet. When necessary the plat may be on several sheets, accompanied by an index showing the entire subdivision;

    (2)    The title of the subdivision and a graphic scale. The title of the subdivision shall contain the words "administrative plat";

    (3)    A key map showing the entire subdivision and its relationship to the surrounding area;

    (4)    Legal description of the property to be subdivided;

    (5)    The boundary of the subdivision must mathematically close to one in ten thousand (1:10,000), and all interior areas must mathematically close to one in five thousand (1:5,000);

    (6)    Designation of all lots with lot numbers and the location of all lot setback lines along street rights-of-way;

    (7)    The size of the subdivision and any lot of one (1) acre or more shall be shown to the nearest one-hundredth of an acre;

    (8)    The location and names of all streets and adjacent subdivisions;

    (9)    Include all the lot(s) being administratively subdivided;

    (10)    The location and designation of all easements;

    (11)    The location of all existing buildings on the tract;

    (12)    Location of all flood-prone areas (floodway, floodway fringe and/or 100-year flood plain as delineated on the December 1, 1981, flood hazard boundary map and amendments thereto).

    (b) The following certifications shall be shown:

    (1)    Certification that the survey was executed in accordance with the current Missouri Minimum Standards for Property Boundary Surveys;

    (2)     A space for the signature of the director approving the administrative plat.

(Code 1964, § 19.532; Ord. No. 10099, § 1, 3-5-84; Ord. No. 14482, § 1, 5-15-95 ; Ord. No. 21095, § 10, 9-19-11)

(Ord. 21095, Amended, 09/19/2011, Prior Text; 014482, Amended, 05/15/1995, Prior Text)