Section 25-35 Conformance with applicable laws, rules and regulations.

    The subdivider shall adhere to design standards as established in these regulations. In addition, all subdivisions shall comply with the following laws, rules and regulations:

    (1)     State and federal provisions. All applicable provisions of state and federal laws and regulations;

    (2)     Plans. The comprehensive plan, plans of public utilities and the capital improvements program, including the showing of all streets, drainage systems, school sites, parks and other public facility sites shown on the officially adopted plans;

    (3)     City of Columbia laws. The zoning ordinance, building and housing codes, health regulations, and all other applicable laws of the city;

    (4)     City of Columbia regulations. The standards and regulations promulgated by the city including street and storm sewer specifications and design standards; the sanitary sewer specifications, the specification for water main construction, extensions and alterations; design standards for streets, sidewalks and bikeways; and specifications for all other public improvements and utilities which are hereafter promulgated by the city. The director of public works and the director of the water and light department are hereby authorized to promulgate and establish design standards and specifications for the construction of public improvements and utilities in subdivisions in the city, which shall ensure a high quality construction of such public improvements and utilities such that these public improvements and utilities will serve the public need and be suitable for acceptance and maintenance by the city. The design standards and specifications shall be in substantial conformance with design standards and specifications for construction of similar public improvements and utilities by the city. All promulgated design standards and specifications shall be on file in the office of the  director who promulgated them .

(Code 1964, § 19.543(1); Ord. No. 10099, § 1, 3-5-84; Ord. No. 018097, § 1, 6-7-04; Ord. No. 21579, § 3, 1-22-13 )

(Ord. 21579, Amended, 01/22/2013, Prior Text; Ord. 018097, Amended, 06/07/2004, Prior Text)