Section 25-37 Monuments.

    (a) Monuments shall be selected from the types described by the "Minimum Standards for Property Boundary Surveys" of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

    (b) Monuments shall be set or confirmed at all controlling corners on the boundary of the subdivision and all block corners, points of intersections, points of curvature and points of tangency within the subdivision prior to the approval of the final plat by the city council.

    (c) On an individual lot within a subdivision, monuments shall be set or confirmed at all the corners of the lot prior to the issuance of a building permit.

    (d) Corners of those separate parcels of land within a planned unit development lot, boundary lines of which are located entirely within the perimeter lot lines of the lot containing such parcels, need not be monumented.

(Code 1964, § 19.543(3); Ord. No. 10099, § 1, 3-5-84; Ord. No. 10414, § 1, 1-7-85)