Section 25-46 Intersections.

    (a) Streets shall intersect one another at as near a ninety-degree angle as possible. No intersection of streets at angles less than sixty (60) degrees shall be approved.

    (b) When streets intersect at a ninety-degree angle or when a street intersects with a cul-de-sac terminal bulb, the intersection right-of-way lines shall be rounded by a curve with a radius of not less than twenty (20) feet for residential streets and not less than thirty (30) feet for nonresidential streets.

    (c) When streets intersect at an angle of less than ninety (90) degrees, the director of public works may require the intersecting right-of-way lines to be rounded by a curve with a radius greater than, required for streets intersecting, at a ninety-degree angle.

    (d) The intersection of more than two (2) streets at, any one (1) point shall be avoided except where necessary; to secure a proper street system.

    (e) Intersecting streets shall have center lines as nearly straight as possible. Streets with center line offsets at intersections shall be offset by less than five (5) feet or more than one hundred twenty-five (125) feet.

(Code 1964, § 19.544(2)(D); Ord. No. 10099, § 1, 3-5-84)