Section 27-100 Temporary electric service.

    (a) When requested, the department will furnish and install a temporary electric service. When the following conditions exist, the charge for a single phase, 3 wire, up to 100 amperes, temporary electric service shall be seventy-five dollars ($75.00).

    (1)    The service will be used for the purpose of constructing a building or other facility which, when completed, will be permanently connected to the department's electric distribution system.

    (2)    The permanent facility will utilize a service at the same phase and voltage as the temporary service.

    (3)    All poles, wires, cables, transformers or other appurtenances utilized or installed, except the department furnished temporary service equipment, shall be placed in a permanent location and required for providing the permanent service.

At the above locations, the department will furnish and install one temporary electric service consisting of a meter base and meter, two 20 ampere, 120 VAC, grounded, duplex outlets and one 50 ampere, 4 wire, single phase, 240 VAC (208 VAC at some locations) outlet mounted in a weatherproof enclosure, installed on or beside the pole, transformer or secondary box that is to permanently serve the lot or facility. The temporary electric service equipment shall remain the property of the department and will be maintained by the department.

    (b) Temporary electric service to any facility that will not be connected permanently to the department's electric distribution system, temporary service of a different phase or voltage other than that will be utilized permanently, temporary service requiring more than 100 amperes, single phase, or temporary service requiring the installation of any poles or wires, or other electrical distribution material or apparatus which will not be utilized permanently, shall be available only if the customer requesting such service assumes all costs incurred by the department in installing and removing such service, including the cost of labor, material not salvaged, engineering, supervision and overhead. The customer shall furnish and install the temporary service pole, or other approved support, for attachment of the service drop. The customer shall furnish and install the meter loop, service entrance, etc., in accordance with sections 27-92 and 27-96. All temporary service equipment and facilities furnished and installed by the customer shall conform to the following minimum requirements:

    (1)    Weatherproof construction.

    (2)    Minimum capacity of 150 amperes, single phase, 3 wire.

    (3)    Neutral conductor and all metal parts grounded.

    (4)    Where a service drop does not cross a public street or alley, the pole shall consist of two-inch by six-inch boards securely braced to withstand five hundred (500) pounds of horizontal pull at the top in the direction of the service drop.

    (5)    Where a service drop crosses a public street or alley, the pole shall consist of a treated pine, or equivalent, pole having a circumference at the top of fifteen (15) inches or more and of sufficient length to provide eighteen (18) feet of clearance above the street or alley surface. The pole shall be placed a minimum of four and one-half (4-1/2) feet into the ground and braced or guyed to withstand one thousand five hundred (1500) pounds of horizontal pull at the top in the direction of the service drop.

    (c) Temporary electric service equipment, temporary poles, etc., shall be placed on the lot where the permanent structure is to be located and shall be located in an area that is accessible and provides a route for the service drop that is clear and free of obstructions. Temporary services shall not be attached to trees in any manner.

    (d) All temporary service provided shall be subject to and in accordance with the City of Columbia Electrical Code. The department may disconnect temporary service at any time for failure to comply with the above, or for safety reasons. The department may, without notification, remove any temporary service that has been off for more than thirty (30) days.

(Ord. No. 14216, § 1, 9-19-94)

     Editor's note--Ord. No. 14216 § 1, adopted September 19, 1994, repealed § 27-100 and enacted the provisions set out herein. Section 27-100 was formerly derived from Code 1964 § 15.500 and Ord. No. 10480 § 1, adopted March 4, 1985.