Section 27-101 Temporary removal of service drop.

    (a) Permitted. When requested, the department shall temporarily disconnect, remove and later reinstall an overhead service drop for the purpose of allowing the property owner to trim or remove trees, erect structures or perform other acts upon his property which, due to the location of the service drop, cannot safely and expediently be done with the service drop in place.

    (b) Request, liability of applicant. The request for such work shall be submitted to the department at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the time the removal is desired. It shall be the responsibility of the party requesting this work to arrange with all customers affected for a service interruption. The department assumes no responsibility for damage or inconvenience caused by the interruption of service.

    (c) Point of attachment. It shall be the property owner's responsibility to provide the department with a suitable point of attachment for reinstallation, meeting the same requirements as those for a new service drop. (See Section 27-90.)

    (d) Charges. The charge for removal and reinstallation of a single-phase service drop shall be fifty dollars ($50.00) . For three-phase service drops, the charge shall be the actual costs incurred by the department in removing and reinstalling such service, including the cost of labor, material necessitated by the reinstallation, engineering, supervision and overhead.

(Code 1964, § 15.505; Ord. No. 17021, § 1, 9-17-01)

(Ord. 17021, Amended, 09/17/2001, Prior Text)