Section 27-112 Same--Residential service rate.

    (a) Application: The residential service rate applies to all customers where service is supplied to a residential dwelling unit. No other service rate shall be available for service to which the residential service rate applies. Each residential dwelling unit must have a separate meter through which the electricity supplied the residential dwelling unit shall be measured for billing by the department. If a portion of the electric service supplied to a dwelling unit is used for nonresidential purposes, the customer can arrange his wiring in such manner that the electric service for residential purposes can be metered separately and this rate schedule is applicable to the portion used for residential purposes. The residential service rate shall not be available for standby, supplementary or resale services.

    (b) Type of service. The type of service shall be single-phase, sixty-hertz, 120/240.

    (c) Monthly rate charge. The monthly rate charge shall be as follows, subject to fuel adjustments as provided in section 27-118:

    (1)    Customer charge    $ 8.45  per month

         Non-standard electric meter customer charge    $13.45 per month

    (2)    Energy charge

            First 750 kwh     9.44 cents per kwh

            Next 1,250 kwh     12.77 cents per kwh

            All remaining kwh     13.72 cents per kwh


            First 750 kwh     9.44 cents per kwh

            All remaining kwh     10.88 cents per kwh

        Except when the customer has permanently installed in a living area a minimum of five (5) kilowatts of utility-approved electric space heating equipment which is the sole source of comfort heating (except decorative fireplaces) for the area(s) to be heated, the rate per kwh for the non-summer season will be:

            First 750 kwh     9.44 cents per kwh

            All remaining kwh     8.3072 cents per kwh

    (d)      Minimum: The minimum monthly rate charge shall be eight dollars and forty-five cents ($8.45) .

    (e) In lieu of gross receipts tax payments and sales tax: In addition to the charge based on monthly rates as computed above, the total monthly charge for service shall include applicable sales taxes and an in lieu of gross receipts tax payment equal to 7.5268 per cent of the monthly rate charge. Sales taxes shall be applied to the total of the monthly rate charge and the in lieu of gross receipts tax payment.

    (f) Standby service for solar assisted residences: Notwithstanding other provisions of this section, the electric service rates set forth in this section for residential customers shall be available and apply to all residential customers regardless of the use by that residential customer of solar energy for comfort heating or the use of electric energy as standby and supplementary service to solar energy as the primary source of comfort heating for residential purposes.

    (g) Load control: Customers under this rate may receive a discount on summer bills if they elect to allow the city to install, operate and maintain load control devices on qualifying cooling equipment (see Sec. 27-129).

     (h)      Net metering credit.  Qualified customers under this rate may receive a per kWh discount for the energy supplied by a qualified net metering unit as outlined in Sec. 27-120.1.

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