Prior to the adoption of Ord. 20417 on 09/21/2009, Section 27-114 read as follows.

    (a) Application: The small general service rate shall apply to any customer, except where service is supplied to a residential dwelling unit for residential purposes, for all electric power and energy requirements. Each premises will be supplied only at one point of delivery and all electric service supplied will be measured through one meter; not available for standby, supplementary or resale service.

    (1)    This rate is not available to customers that exceed twenty-five (25) kw demand during June, July, August or September.

    (b) Type of service: The type of service shall be single-or three-phase, sixty-hertz, at one of the department's standard service voltages.

    (c)     Monthly rate charge: The monthly rate per kilowatt hour shall be as follows, subject to fuel adjustments as provided in section 27-118:

    (1)    Customer charge:

        Single-phase service    $ 6.56 6.95  per month

        Three-phase service    8.85 9.30  per month

    (2)    Energy charge:
            First 1500 kwh    8.453 9.036  cents per kwh

            All remaining kwh    10.989 11.747  cents per kwh


            All kwh    8.453 9.036  cents per kwh

    (d)     Space heating: For customers using electric heating as the sole means of comfort heating, the monthly rate per kilowatt hour billed during the non-summer season shall be as follows:

        First 1,500 kwh    8.453 9.036  cents per kwh

        All remaining kwh    8.03 8.13  cents per kwh

    (e)     High efficiency heat pumps: For customers having a permanently installed heat pump which is the primary source of comfort heating and which conforms to the special rules and regulations outlined in department rules entitled "Heat Pump Rules and Regulations," the monthly rate per kilowatt hour billed during the non-summer season for energy shall be as follows:

        First 1,500 kwh    8.453 9.036  cents per kwh

        All remaining kwh    6.763 7.68  cents per kwh

    (f)     Minimum bill: The minimum bill for single-phase service, shall be six dollars and fifty-six cents ($6.56) six dollars and ninety-five cents ($6.95)  per month; for three-phase service, eight dollars and eighty-five cents ($8.85) nine dollars and thirty cents ($9.30)  per month.

    (g) In lieu of gross receipts tax payments and sales tax: In addition to the charge based on monthly rates as computed above, the total monthly charge for service shall include applicable sales taxes and an in lieu of gross receipts tax payment equal to 7.5268 per cent of the monthly rate charge. Sales taxes shall be applied to the total of the monthly rate charge and the in lieu of gross receipts tax payment.

    (h) Primary service: When the customer owns and maintains all equipment, except metering equipment, necessary to take service at thirteen thousand eight hundred (13,800) volts or higher, total rate charges will be reduced by ten cents ($0.10) times the highest thirty-minute kw demand during the billing cycle.

    (i) Primary metering: If, at the option of the department, service is metered at primary voltage the measured demand and kwh will each be decreased by two (2) per cent.

    (j) Load control: Customers under this rate, and not participating in (e) above, may receive a discount on summer bills if they elect to allow the city to install, operate and maintain load control devices on qualifying cooling equipment (see Sec. 27-129).

     (k)      Net metering credit.  Qualified customers under this rate may receive a per kWh discount for the energy supplied by a qualified net metering unit as outlined in Sec. 27-120.1.

     (l)      Optional rate schedule: Customers in this rate class may voluntarily be placed on a demand billing rate as follows:

    (1)    Demand charge:

        Summer    All kw at $ 14.43 14.79  per kw

        Non-Summer    All kw at $ 11.54 11.83  per kw

    (2)    Energy charge:

        Summer    All kwh at $ 5.2164 5.4  per kwh

        Non-Summer    All kwh at $ 4.536 4.697  per kwh

         (3)      Minimum demand: The maximum thirty (30) minute kw demand measured during the billing month but not less than seventy-five percent (75%) of the maximum demand during the billing months of June, July, August and September of the preceding eleven (11) month billing period.

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