Prior to the adoption of Ord. 19547 on 06/04/2007, Section 27-120.1 read as follows.

    (a)     Available to: The customer-generator rate is available to any customer that owns and operates a solar, wind, or biomass generating facility or hydrogen fuel cell with a capacity of not more than one hundred (100) kilowatts  which is located on the customer’s premises, is permanently interconnected and operates in parallel, with the department’s existing transmission and distribution facilities, and is intended primarily to offset part or all of the customer’s own electrical energy requirements.

    (b)     Applicable to: The customer-generator rate is applicable to a residential, small general service, or large general service , or industrial  customer who contracts for service supplied at one (1) point of delivery. The rate is applicable to single- and three-phase customers.

    (c)     Rate credit: The customer-generator is eligible for a net metering credit for all energy supplied to the department system from a qualified net metering unit. Applicable charges will be calculated for all energy supplied to the customer-generator based on the applicable rates for the customer class. All energy supplied by the customer-generator will be credited at the following rate per kWh, regardless of customer class. based on the size and type of generator:

     (1)     Small scale solar powered generators of ten (10) KW or less shall receive credit per kWh equal to the customer’s current applicable rate schedule.  The department shall limit the number of interconnections so that the sum total of all installed small scale solar generators does not exceed one percent (1%) of the utility’s highest hourly peak load for the previous twelve months.

     (2)     Energy: All other generating facilities will receive at the current rate schedule of   T two  cents ($0.02) per kWh.

    (d)     Interconnection: Customers will be required to furnish their own protective, and other necessary equipment, which must comply with specifications of the department.   Any customer requesting interconnection to the utility must enter into an interconnection and net metering agreement with the city and receive written approval from the department before construction or installation of interconnecting equipment.

(Ord. No. 17894, § 1, 11-3-03)