Prior to the adoption of Ord. 017894 on 11/03/2003, Section 27-120 read as follows.

    (a) Available to: The small power producer/cogenerator rate schedule is available to any customer who owns and can operate generating equipment of one hundred (100) kw or less in parallel with Columbia Water and Light Department, and having electrical power supply with the city.

    (b) Applicable to: The small power producer/cogenerator rate is applicable to a residential or general service customer who contracts for service supplied at one point of delivery. Applicable to single- and three-phase customers.

    (c)     Rate charge payment: In order to qualify for payment of capacity charge to the cogenerator or small power producer facility by the Columbia Water and Light Department, the qualified facility must be on line generating whenever the water and light loads are exceeding ninety (90) per cent of the system's peak.  Payment to the cogenerator or small power producer will be made monthly based on the following rate schedule:

    (1)    Capacity charge: One hundred thirty-three dollars and sixty-eight ($133.68) Nine dollars and eighty-six cents ($9.86) per kW, with a total annual payment of one hundred eighteen dollars and thirty-two cents ($118.32) per kW annually.

    (2)    Energy: Two and four-tenths cents ($0.024) Two cents ($0.02) per kWh.

    (d) Energy adjustments: The energy charge will be adjusted quarterly to reflect changes in the average avoided cost.

    (e) Interconnection: The customer will normally be required to furnish his own transforming, protective, and other necessary equipment which must comply with specifications of Columbia Water and Light Department.

    (f) Supplementary service: Service will be available for supplementary power. The rate that will apply is the standard retail rate for the particular class of customer.

    (g) Power factor: A qualifying facility will be required to maintain a power factor of not less than eighty-five (85) per cent lagging. If the power factor is less than eighty-five (85) per cent and the qualifying facility does not expeditiously take corrective action, the department can, at its option, discontinue service or can install necessary corrective equipment on its lines to improve the power factor to at least eighty-five (85) per cent and will charge the qualifying facility for the total installation cost.

    (h) Contract period: The contract period shall be automatically renewable annually, with notice to be given one year in advance by either party.

(Code 1964, § 15.595; Ord. No. 10008, § 1, 11-21-83)