Prior to the adoption of Ord. 19212 on 09/18/2006, Section 27-121 read as follows.

    (a) Availability. The street and outdoor area lighting rate is available to any customer within the area served by the city electric system for private street lighting and for outdoor area lighting when such lighting facilities are operated as an extension of the city's distribution system.

    (b) Type of service. The city shall furnish, install, maintain and deliver electric service to automatically controlled lighting fixtures conforming to the department's standards, and subject to the published rules and regulations of the city water and light department.

    (c) Light and fixture rates: Light and fixture rates are as follows:

Size of lamp    Each, per month

Standard pole-bracket arm mounted

100 watt mercury vapor (M.V.)    $  4.22

100 watt high pressure sodium (H.P.S.)    4.53

175 watt mercury vapor    5.23

250 watt mercury vapor    7.39

250 watt high pressure sodium    13.44

310 watt high pressure sodium    14.68

400 watt high pressure sodium    16.14

400 watt mercury vapor    10.48

700 watt mercury vapor    19.84

1000 watt mercury vapor    26.55

When required for outdoor area (dusk to dawn) lighting , a pole with one span of #6 aluminum wire, up to one hundred fifty (150) feet, and necessary pole line hardware and accessories, according to the following schedule:

Wood pole    $  2.77

Aluminum pole    10.21

Steel pole    9.66

    When power to the street lighting is provided by underground wire or conduit, the following addition to the rate shall apply:

Underground, per unit    $  4.47

    (d) Decorative post top luminaire.

100 watt high pressure sodium    $ 10.14

175 watt mercury vapor    10.08

    (e) Exceptions. Where material and labor is furnished for installation by others for city street lighting, the following rate schedule shall apply:

100 watt high pressure sodium (H.P.S.)    3.93

175 watt mercury vapor (M.V.)    4.12

250 watt mercury vapor    5.89

250 watt high pressure sodium    9.17

310 watt high pressure sodium    10.31

400 watt high pressure sodium    11.68

400 watt mercury vapor    8.61

700 watt mercury vapor    15.83

1000 watt mercury vapor    21.65

    (f) Outdoor area lighting. The outdoor area (dusk to dawn) lighting light and fixture  rate shall be the same as the street lighting rate except all underground wire and conduit shall be installed and maintained by the customer. Whenever any customer desires special facilities not shown in the above rate schedules, such facilities shall be installed and maintained by the customer.

(Code 1964, § 15.600; Ord. No. 10276, § 1, 9-4-84)