Section 27-122.3 Water temporarily supplied by adjoining water district.

    (a)    Application:  This rate shall apply to water supplied by an adjoining water district, when development occurs in the City of Columbia water service territory, until City water mains have reached the development.  Water meters shall be installed and read by City employees.

    (b)    The rates to be charged for water furnished to residential or commercial customers are hereby fixed as follows:

    (1)    Rates per one hundred (100) cubic feet (1ccf):

All water, beginning with first one hundred (100) cubic feet (1ccf):  One hundred ten (110) percent of the applicable rate charged by the water district supplying the water.

    (2)    Minimum charge per month, charged in addition to the volume charge in subsection (a)(1), based on meter size:

        5/8-inch and 3/4 inch    $ 5.40

        1-inch        5.80

        1 1/2-inch    8.35

        2-inch        8.97

        3-inch        21.96

        4-inch        33.93

        6-inch        67.86

    (c)    Exception: This rate will not apply to existing City customers when a leak, or other disruption of supply, requires that the City temporarily take supply from an adjoining water district.

(Ord. No. 18827, § 1, 12-19-05)

(Ord. 18827, Added, 12/19/2005)