Section 27-130 Same--Large general service.

    A discount shall be offered on service used during summer as defined in Section 27-16 for electric service provided under the large general service (section 27-116) when the customer receiving such service allows the city to install and operate a radio-controlled switching device on the customer's air-conditioning or heat pump equipment, subject to the following conditions:

    (1)     A three (3)  percent discount shall be offered on the customer charge and usage, net of fuel adjustment, and before taxes.

    (2)    Load control devices shall be installed only on central air-conditioning and heat pump equipment.

    (3)    There shall be no maximum size for air conditioning or heat pump units, provided that the unit has a control system that will accommodate switch installation , and the director has authorized the installation .

    (4)    The city will install and maintain the radio-control device.

    (5)    A written authorization will be provided by the customer (by the owner for rental property) permitting the city to install, maintain and operate the switch device.

    (6)    The air-conditioner or heat pump is maintained by the customer and in a manner such that it operates at its highest efficiency.

    (7)    The city shall have the authority to discontinue the discount at any time that the customer violates any provision of this section, and shall not restore the discount until the violation is corrected.

    (8)    If the customer receiving load control service is not satisfied with the service, the customer may request that the city remove the load control switch at which time the discount shall also be terminated.

    (9)    The discount shall be applied for service rendered to any premises after the written authority is received and shall continue thereafter even though the premises are sold or the occupant changes until such time as the current occupant or owner requests that the service be terminated.

    (10)    If more than twenty-five (25) percent of the air-conditioning load is supplied by equipment which does not allow installation of a load control device, participation in this program and the amount of discount will be at the determination of the director or the director's designee.

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