Prior to the adoption of Ord. 16049 on 06/21/1999, Section 27-146 read as follows.

    For the purpose of this division, the following words and terms shall have the meanings respectively ascribedThe following definitions apply to this division:

    Collector streets. All streets properly designated as collector streets by the city planning department and the department of public works.

    Footcandle. A standard unit of light measurement equaling the illumination produced on a surface all points of which are one foot distant from a uniform point source of one candle.

    Local streets. This term shall apply to streets having the same width and general design as residential streets, but which are located adjacent to and serve schools, churches, small businesses or other nonresidential institutions where public use is intensified. This term also applies to outer roadways along highways or any other public street intended for the primary purpose of serving local nonresidential traffic.

    Luminaire. A street light fixture, exclusive of mounting devices.

    Maintained average footcandles. The average illumination, expressed in candles, which is maintained on the surface of a street when the luminaire is at its lowest output.

    Major streets. All streets which are of major importance and which handle large volumes of traffic such as expressways, arterial streets, downtown business streets, etc.

    Normal street lighting. Street lighting and related accessories of a type, size and kind normally installed by the city as herein provided for.

    Ornamental street lighting. Street lighting and related accessories of a type and kind more aesthetic than normally installed by the city.

    Parties. Any individual citizen, company, corporation or institution, or any group consisting of more than one of the above, acting through a single individual person, for the purpose of requesting and obtaining ornamental street lighting in any given area.

    Retractor. A transparent glass or plastic covering around a light source, designed to direct the light into a given area.

    Residential streets. Streets that are located in residential areas and which have the primary purpose of serving the residents of the street or immediate area, except such portions of these streets which are adjacent to schools or churches or any other nonresidential institution where public use is intensified.

    Uniformity ratio. The ratio between average illumination on a street surface to the minimum illumination at any point on the street.

(Code 1964, § 15.700)