Section 27-149 Same--Residential streets.

    (a) Street lights on residential streets shall be placed at each intersection.

    (b) Where intersections on residential streets are in excess of four hundred (400) feet apart, additional lights shall be placed along the street at intervals not exceeding four hundred (400) feet. These lights shall be comparable in appearance and light output to the lights used at the intersections of residential streets.

    (c) Where residential streets intersect with streets of a higher classification, the lighting at suchintersections shall be that required by such higher classification.

    (d) On residential streets, the city shall provide, at no cost to others, all poles, wire, fixtures, lamps and other accessories required for street lighting as herein prescribed; provided, however, all poles be treated wood poles and all wiring shall be overhead and all light fixtures shall be of the type normally used and considered standard for such use.

    (e) On residential streets, ornamental street lighting consisting of metal, concrete or other type ornamental poles and/or underground wiring may be installed if requested and as provided under section 27-151 of this chapter.

(Code 1964, § 15.730; Ord. No. 16049, § 1, 6-21-99)

(Ord. 16049, Amended, 06/21/1999, Prior Text)