Prior to the adoption of Ord. 16049 on 06/21/1999, Section 27-151 read as follows.

    (a) Ornamental street lighting will be installed on residential streets only upon request for such lighting by the interested parties where electric lines are underground.

    (b) When ornamental street lighting is installed on residential streets that had no previous lighting, or on residential streets where the existing lighting does not comply with the standards and requirements of the city as set forth in this division where electric lines are overhead, the parties requesting such ornamental lighting shall pay to the city all costs incurred for such ornamental lighting in excess of the cost of installing or upgrading the normal street lighting which would be provided by the city.

    (c) When ornamental street lighting is requested and installed on any residential street having an existing lighting system which is adequate and which complies with the requirements of the city as set forth in this division, the parties requesting such lighting shall pay the entire cost, including the cost of removing the existing lighting system, less the value of any salvaged material.

    (d) When ornamental residential street lighting is requested, the director shall prepare an estimate of the costs of such installation and also an estimate of the cost of the normal lighting, if nonexisting, which would be provided by the city. The parties requesting the ornamental lighting shall deposit with the department an amount equal to the difference in cost between the two (2) estimates prior to the time the installation is made. A final statement shall be issued to such parties after completion of the installation, which shall show the actual cost of the installation, less the amount of the estimate for normal lighting, if any, and shall include full credit for the amount deposited. If the amount deposited exceeds the actual additional cost incurred by the department, a refund shall be issued and if the amount deposited is less than the actual additional cost incurred by the department, the parties requesting the installation shall pay the balance.

    (ed) Ornamental lighting on residential streets shall extend from one major intersection to another or from a major intersection to the end of the street or throughout an entire subdivision or other area. In no case will spot installations of ornamental lights (one or more ornamental lights located intermediately with normal street lights) be installed on any given street.

(Code 1964, § 15.750)