Prior to the adoption of Ord. 20065 on 09/15/2008, Section 27-164 read as follows.

    (a)     The city manager is hereby authorized to appoint three (3) representatives of the water and light, and finance departments to administer the program. All loans and rebates shall be made based upon the following principles:

    (1)    The program shall be conducted at all times based upon sound business principles and shall in no wise be deemed a welfare or social service program of the city. No loan shall be made without having first ascertained the credit worthiness of the loan applicant and without having obtained adequate security for any such loan.

     (2)    After having established the credit worthiness of the applicant(s), the committee shall make its loans or rebates in such a manner to reduce, by the greatest amount possible, the consumption of electric energy within the city. This goal shall be attained by consideration of:

             a.    The total energy consumption of the applicant; and

        b.    The results of an energy audit made to determine the potential impact of a loan under the program, along with the ability of that loan to reduce the electric consumption of the applicant.

    (b)     No applicant shall be refused a loan or rebate because of sex, race, religion, place of national origin or marital status.

    (c)     The director of water and light is hereby authorized to develop an application form s  for use in the program.

(Code 1964, § 15.930; Ord. No. 13794, § 1, 9-7-93; Ord. No. 17895, § 1, 11-3-03)