Section 27-22 Customer complaint procedure.

    (a) The department shall cause to be established procedures which will ensure the prompt, efficient and thorough receipt, investigation and, where possible, resolution of all customer inquiries, service requests and complaints regarding residential utility service and charges.

    (b) The department shall establish personnel procedures which, as a minimum, ensure that:

    (1)    Qualified personnel shall be available and prepared at all times during normal business hours to receive and respond to all customer inquiries, service requests, and complaints. The department shall make reasonable arrangements to ensure that customers unable to communicate in the English language receive assistance.

    (2)    Qualified personnel shall be available during normal business hours to receive and initiate response to customer contacts regarding any discontinuance of service or emergency condition.

    (3)    Qualified personnel responsible for and authorized to enter into such written agreements on behalf of the city shall be available at all times during normal business hours to respond to customer inquiries and complaints.

    (c) The city shall prepare, in written form, information summarizing the responsibilities and rights of the city and its customers. Such information shall be displayed, and made available upon request at the department's utilities accounts and billing collection area, and issued to each new customer. The information shall concern, but not be limited to, the following:

    (1)    Billing and estimated billing procedures.

    (2)    Methods for customer verification of billing accuracy.

    (3)    Explanation of operation of fuel adjustment clauses.

    (4)    Customer payment requirements and procedures.

    (5)    Security deposit requirements.

    (6)    Discontinuance and reconnection of services.

    (7)    Inquiry, service and complaint procedures.

    (8)    Procedure whereby a customer may avoid discontinuance of service during an extended period of absence.

    (d) The city shall maintain records on each of its customers, containing the following information:

    (1)    The customer's payment performance in relation to due dates.

    (2)    The number and general nature of complaints registered.

    (3)    The number of settlement agreements that were made by the department and a synopsis of the terms, conditions and standards upon which the agreements were made.
    (4)    Actual number of discontinuances of service and number of reconnections.

    (5)    Refund of security deposits.

(Code 1964, § 15.850)