Section 27-222 Crossings.

    (a) The director shall be authorized to negotiate the terms of and approve subterranean and aerial utility crossings of the Columbia Terminal right-of-way upon application for such crossing by any person. In no case shall such crossing interfere with the safe and routine operation of Columbia Terminal service. All costs of such crossings, including the city's administrative and site inspection costs, shall be paid by the applicant.

    (b) All grade crossings shall be approved by the city council. All costs associated with the construction of such crossing, including the city's plan review, administrative, site inspection and all costs for markings or safety devices, shall be paid by the applicant. It shall be the applicant's duty to obtain any permit necessary from any state or federal agency with jurisdiction over grade crossings.

    (c) Maintenance costs of any private crossing, whether at grade subterranean or aerial, shall be the responsibility of the applicant. all crossings shall be constructed and maintained to the standards adopted by the director in accordance with Federal Railroad Administration or state division of transportation standards, whichever is more stringent.

(Ord. No. 12209, § 1, 4-3-89)