Section 27-52 Water service lines--Ownership; application; fees.

    (a) Water service lines, including the water main tap, the pipe, fittings, and valves between the main and the customer's installation, the water meter, its appurtenances and the meter box shall be and remain the property of the department, which shall be responsible for their perpetual maintenance.

    (b) Application for a water service line shall be simultaneous with application for water service to previously unserved properties and shall be accompanied with the normal service deposit as well as a connection fee. It shall be understood that the service will be placed into immediate use, and billing shall be started at the completion of the first full month after the connection.

    (c)    Water service lines to previously unserved properties or to properties previously served by an inadequate or noncity owned service line within the water utility service area shall be installed upon application and only after all requirements for water main extension and payment have been met. The required fees for connection , tap  and meter installation, where applicable, shall be paid at the time of application or may be billed during the normal billing cycle in the month subsequent to the date of application, at the city's option. The city may demand payment in cash.

     (1)     System equity charge (applies to all connections) shall be based on meter size under the following schedule:

    Size of water meter
                           Inches                                                                 Connection fee

    5/8 and 3/4    $ 500.00

    1     538.00

    1½     773.00

    2     831.00

    3     2,033.00

    4     3,141.00

    6     6,283.00

         In the case of a multiple-family facility, or multiple commercial facilities, that chooses to install a single water meter, the connection fee will be the sum of the fees that would have been charged to each unit of the facility, had each unit been separately metered.  In calculating this fee, the department shall take into account the meter size that would have been required to separately meter each unit .

    (2)     Tap fee. This fee shall be in addition to the connection fee and meter fee and shall be assessed for each tap made by the department on public water mains.   The tap fee will be waived when the only purpose of the tap is for installing a sprinkler system in a structure built before the requirement of fire sprinklers.   On each tap, the customer shall be assessed as follows:

        Size of Tap:    Charge:

    1-inch    $ 500.00

     1½-inch - 2-inch    250.00

     4-inch and larger    575.00

For all commercial services or connections larger than one (1) inch, the customer shall be responsible for supplying all materials to department specifications, all necessary permits, preparation of the water main so that the tap may be made (including saw cutting of pavement, if required), site excavation, installation of the service line across the street (if required), and all applicable site restoration costs. All excavations under pavement must be restored per city public works department, Boone County Public Works, or Missouri Department of Transportation specifications.

    (3)     Meter box and appurtenances fee . On properties (generally industrial, commercial or multiple-family residential in use) served by private water mains or private water service lines, where one or more water meter is required and the meter box(es) and appurtenances are to be installed by a plumbing, mechanical or general contractor, the meter box(es) and appurtenances shall be furnished by the customer, based on department specifications, and no fees shall be assessed.  On properties served by public mains, the customer shall be assessed per meter as follows:

     Size of Meter                                                               Charge

    5/8-inch    $400.00

    1-inch    410.00

This fee shall be in addition to the connection fee, tap fee (which shall be assessed if the department taps a public water main and whether or not a valve/stop and valve box are installed) and meter fee.  The department may, at its option, provide single or double meter settings per meter box, with no adjustment to the meter box and appurtenance fee.

The customer shall provide and install to department specifications the meter box for meters having inlet and outlet openings larger than one (1) inch in diameter and no fees shall be assessed.

    ( 4 )    Meter fee. In addition to the connection fee, each customer who requests service to previously unserved properties, or to properties where a meter of greater size than the previous meter is required, shall be assessed a meter fee.  All meters installed after October 1, 2004 shall be remote-read meters and fees will be as follows:

        Size of Meter:                                                                    Charge:

    5/8-inch    $ 138.00

    3/4-inch    155.00

    1-inch    185.00

         For meters larger than one (1) inch , the meter fee shall be the actual cost of the meter, plus a markup to cover the actual cost of overhead as determined from cost computed at the end of each fiscal year.

    (d) Water service lines to previously unserved properties outside the city limits shall be installed by the department upon application and payment of one hundred fifty (150) per cent of the charge for similar services within the city, and only after all requirements for water main extension and payment have been met.

    (e) The department may, at the option of the director, install water service lines to vacant and previously unserved properties prior to receiving application for such service line; provided, however, that service lines so installed shall not be used for the purpose of providing service to a customer until after such customer has made formal application and paid the connection fee for such service.

    (f) In addition to the herein-stated fees, each new customer who requests and receives a water service connection to a water main which was installed by the department, or at the expense of the department, shall pay a proportional share of the cost of the water main. (See section 27-72.)

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