Prior to the adoption of Ord. 16186 on 09/20/1999, Section 27-59 read as follows.

     (a)    The department shall furnish and install fire hydrants on private water mains six (6) inches or larger in diameter, where adequate protection cannot be supplied by facilities located in the right-of-way; provided, however, that the property owner be responsible for keeping the hydrant constantly accessible to fire-fighting equipment.

    (ba)    The department will furnish unmetered water to supply standpipes and sprinkler systems at the charge established and in effect at the time as provided in division 5 of this article.

    (cb)    The department shall tap the main for such service upon application and deposit by the customer of the estimated cost for labor, equipment and material plus overhead. In the event of an underestimate, the customer will be billed for the remainder; in the event of an overestimate, the excess will be refunded.

    (dc)    Upon approval of the department, the customer shall provide all materials and construct all parts of the system from the water main tap.  Fire hydrants with their associated tees, valves and piping shall comply with department specifications and shall be installed under department inspection at locations specified by the department.

    (ed)    With the exception of fire hydrants, Tthe entire system, from the discharge side of the valved water main tap, shall be and remain the customer's installation and the department shall not be responsible for maintenance. Upon passing final inspection and in consideration of perpetual upkeep and maintenance of the hydrants, ownership of the fire hydrants shall be transferred to the city and the city shall be granted easement rights to access the hydrant in an area around the hydrant having a minimum size of 20 ft. by 20 ft. with the hydrant centered in the 20 ft. by 20 ft. area.  The customer shall make no unmetered use of this facility other than for fire protection.

(Code 1964, § 15.361; Ord. No. 15628, § 1, 6-1-98)

     Cross reference(s)--Fire prevention and protection, Ch. 9.