Prior to the adoption of Ord. 16186 on 09/20/1999, Section 27-60 read as follows.

    (a) Relocation of a fire hydrant occupying a city right-of-way or easement may be made by the department upon written request of an owner of property adjacent to such hydrant and the deposit of the estimated cost of relocation, plus overhead, with the department. In the event of an underor over-estimate, the owner will be billed for or refunded the difference; provided, the department reserves the right to refuse to relocate the fire hydrant if, in its opinion, such relocation would be detrimental to the safety, convenience or protection potential of the hydrant.

    (b) Hydrants mislocated by the department on private property shall be relocated at the expense of the department upon written request of the property owner.

    (c) Relocation of water pipes supplying standpipes or sprinkler systems shall be the responsibility and expense of the customer.

(Code 1964, § 15.362)